Fintech Analyst Report - 7 February 2020

Sarah Mason

07 February 2020

Issue #191 of the Fintech Analyst Report features insight on digital transformation, the future of fintech collaboration and regtech.

Celent: Will Blockchain cross the adoption chasm in payments?

2020 is a critical year for blockchain in payments adoption. If the majority of the respondents stating that they are nearing production, move into production, adoption will hit the mainstream tipping point.

Greyspark: Digital transformation in Open Investment Banking

How can investment firms build a digital investment bank? Open Investment Banking – making systems, functions and data from the bank’s technology stack available to clients – forms a core function.

Forrester: The importance of loyalty

In an ever-more competitive landscape, customer loyalty and advocacy are key to future success. Digital strategists must build a framework for developing loyalty and maximising advocacy.

IDC: Deploying intelligent automation in APAC

Robotic process automation (RPA) and the proposition around it has steadily moved towards intelligent automation, with 75 percent of tier-1 banks in APAC expected to deploy these solutions at scale by 2022.

Kapronasia: Future of fintech cooperation

The financial services industry has defied predictions that fintechs would create a ‘win-lose’ scenario, instead embracing symbiotic relationships where teamwork and cooperation are the new normal.

Aite: The opportunity for watchlist vendors

Faced with ever-increasing regulatory expectations, financial institutions must prioritise watchlist compliance. Vendors that specialise in filtering technologies now stand to gain over their rivals.

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