Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 231

Sarah Mason

24 March 2021

Issue 231 of the Metia Fintech Analyst Report  starts by examining industry acronyms, from why TCA is a necessity for institutions to the urgent need for fraud prevention for EIP cheques. Meanwhile, Chartis reviews the importance of reporting for investment managers, Omdia provides insight into banking software contracts, Celent examines Japan’s payment revolution, and McKinsey outlines three areas of risk facing bank directors in 2021.

Aite Group: Multi-asset class TCA becomes a necessity
To meet the needs of sophisticated investors as the digitalisation of all asset classes grows at pace, many institutions are seeing a greater need for transaction cost analysis (TCA).

Javelin: American rescue plan for fraud
As the third stimulus bill passes into law, financial institutions must act now to prevent unemployment benefit scams and Economic Impact Payment cheque fraud.

Chartis: The conviction of one truth
Investment managers must focus on reporting – a complete view of all assets, portfolios, cash, transactions and positions – to enhance competitiveness and fulfil chartered investment mandates.

Omdia: Banking software contracts analytics
This report provides analysis of banking technology investment over Q4 2020 based on contract activity announced over the period.

Celent: Japan’s payment infrastructure revolution
Increased collaboration and competition among financial institutions and fintechs in Japan heralds a new era of transformation in the retail payment service sector.

McKinsey: Three risks for US banking directors in 2021
While usual issues for US banks, such as credit monitoring and operational risks, will continue this year, climate change, cyber-risk, and social justice must also be prioritised.

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