Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 254

Sarah Mason

03 May 2022

This week we look at how the need for digitalisation is driving change across the full spectrum of financial services. Fintech and incumbents look to form alliances over the middle corporate market while embarking on a cloud journey opens up new horizons for insurers, and tax optimisation is a growing competitive edge for wealth managers. Meanwhile, the human touch is still holding strong as study shows efficient trade clearing relies on good broker relations. 

Mercator: Upgrading the corporate middle market to digital   
The sizeable corporate middle market needs to adapt to new digital systems and operating processes. Fintechs are moving into this space while financial institutions are working out how they can collaborate.  

Kapronasia: Will Paytm reach profitability? 
Paytm’s stock price rose significantly in April. But what the firm’s long-term prospects in a competitive and fragmented Indian market? 

Aite-Novarica: How insurers are managing the journey to cloud  
Migrating to the cloud opens up new possibilities for insurers. While many are already on their own transformation journeys, others are slower to adapt. But overall awareness has definitely increased.  

Cutter Associates: Optimising tax to drive value 
As customers increasingly demand personalised services, offering tax optimisation services is key for wealth managers looking to stay ahead of the competition.  

Celent: How will an open ecosystem impact banking? 
The banking sector is transitioning to an open ecosystem as large financial institutions acknowledge the opportunities ahead. Celent looks at the implications of this transition. 

Aite-Novarica: Pandemic priorities less focused on OMS 
A push on innovation in areas such as AI and cloud deployment has caused many investment managers to de-prioritise the modernisation of order management systems.  

Coalition Greenwich: Efficient trade clearing relies on good broker relations 
Over 70% of buy-side firms surveyed cite counterparty risk as a key driver for clearing trades. Given the challenges involved in porting positions to a new broker in the case of default, managing broker relationships efficiently is a key focus.   

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