The view from Dell Tech World 2022

Dan Brooks

04 May 2022

Always valuable to spend time with clients. The return of customer and user conferences is long overdue. Dell Tech World’s return to Las Vegas is giving us a chance to meet Dell customers and partners from around the world.

My first impressions:

Clearly there’s a big pent-up appetite for face-to-face contact. For Dell, it’s all about partners and customers. Whilst in-person events are still getting back to the 2019 status quo, there is a genuine buzz for all the opening keynotes, with thousands here in person, more online and standing room only as Michael Dell came up on the big stage.

In terms of substance, this year sees a real focus by Dell on multi-cloud as the means for organisations to maximise their use of data at the edge. And to do so securely. There’s been a flurry of new announcements around this topic from co-COO Chuck Whitten around partnerships with major players from Microsoft to AWS to VMware. With 5G roll-outs and the march of AI, data will be processed much nearer the end-user. In Chuck Whitten’s words, ‘the on prem/off prem cloud debate is over – multi-cloud is here to stay and is the solution by design, rather than default’.

A sprinkling of Hollywood (and Austin) glamour was added to the mix by actor Matthew McConaughy appearing as a special guest with a genuinely inspiring talk around innovation and life choices.

Lots of reflection and customer stories on the opening day were around dealing with the impact of the pandemic. Customers accelerating plans and identifying gaps in their move towards hybrid working and the need for agile – and most critically, also secure – infrastructure to support the change in working practices. Now these early adopter organizations are turning their learnings to competitive advantage.

We haven’t just been watching great customer stories, we’ve been capturing them too.

Day two for the team has been spent on-site meeting and filming the CEO of a leading global auto brand. The story we are capturing features a future vision of mobility and connectivity, already harnessing the metaverse, and using a mix of digital 3D and physical factories to bring it to life.

We are lucky to have a front row seat and see the future being built before our eyes.

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