Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 255

Sarah Mason

10 May 2022

In this week’s newsletter, we take a broad look at the payments landscape, from consumer expectations to credit payments in Russia to the potential of Apple as a major payments provider. ESG initiatives are also in focus, with Coalition Greenwich revealing that pressure from stakeholders is driving ESG-driven practices within Asian banks, as well as in investment management. We also discover the areas where financial institutions are increasing technology investment and learn what’s in store for retail banks over the next four years.

Mercator Advisory Group: How merchants can meet consumers increasing demands
As the wealth of payment options expands, payments processors, stakeholders and partners alike must keep services updated to help merchants achieve payments goals.

Javelin: Apple’s ambitions in payments
Following Apple’s acquisition of Credit Kudos, the tech giant is well placed to become a serious player within the payments landscape. Managing increasing regulatory hurdles and other challenges will be key to its success.

Mercator Advisory Group: What is the future of credit payments in Russia?
Card payments started to overtake cash payments as a preferred payment method in Russia in 2012.  As sanctions on the country continue, the weakened economy will cause credit card payments to dwindle.

Omdia: Technology spending forecast for retail banks
Looking at the spending predictions for retail banks, this report maps out how technology budgets will drive business value for financial institutions over the next four years.

Coalition Greenwich: Carbon emissions an ESG focus for investment managers
With ESG entering the investment mainstream, owing to increased pressure from institutional investors, asset managers are putting in place initiatives to achieve net-zero goals.

Celent: FIs now focusing on digital lending, data analytics, and the cloud
Financial institutions report strongly expanding their IT budgets and investing in product development, user experience, and improvements to operations.

Coalition Greenwich: Asian banks accelerate ESG initiatives
Having been slower to adopt ESG driven practices than their European counterparts, banks across Asia are now making fast progress in this area due to increased pressure from shareholders, consumers, and government regulators.

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