Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 257

Sarah Mason

24 May 2022

In this week’s newsletter, we start with a debate around Buy Now Pay Later. Mercator asserts that the long-term implications of the model show that it is unsustainable, while Forrester reveals the opportunities for banks. Kapronasia focuses on struggling virtual banks in Hong Kong, and also the potential for a crypto-friendly environment in South Korea. We also discover how wealth managers are adapting to digital transformation, assess the winners and losers across the banking platform market, and find out why a digitally-driven, threat-centric model is essential in the face of increasingly dynamic criminal threats.

Mercator Advisory Group: Is BNPL an unsustainable model?
Responsible lending standards are a must-have when providing credit, but the long-term implications of the Buy Now Pay Later model mean that investments could sour.

Forrester: How can banks seize the BNPL opportunity
The BNPL market is growing rapidly. With pros and cons to different versions of this business model, banks wanting their slice of this lucrative market must choose their route wisely.

Aite-Novarica: Are wealth managers adapting to digital transformation?
This report focuses on the key trends within the wealth management sector and explores how financial institutions must now invest in areas such as client onboarding to address new market needs and challenges.

Kapronasia: Hong Kong’s virtual banks struggle to find market fit
Three years on, the hype surrounding Hong Kong’s virtual banks has been stymied by political turmoil and Covid-19. The first entrants have struggled to attract deposits and expansion to the Chinese mainland remains uncertain.

Forrester: The winners and losers of a consolidated banking platform market
Results from Forrester’s Global Banking Platform Deals Survey 2022 reveal that the biggest winners are incumbent banks that leverage fintech vendors that can add value to their in-house technology teams.

Celent: A threat-centric model for anti-financial crime
Ramping up anti-financial crime capabilities is essential to respond to today’s increasingly dynamic set of criminal threats. Financial institutions must seek to foster a threat-centric model across the ecosystem that is collaborative, digitised, and intelligent.

Kapronasia: Can South Korea’s new president create a crypto-friendly environment?
South Korea’s new president Yook Sokyeol is a believer in creating a more friendly crypto environment. But the country's sceptical financial regulator and opposition-controlled parliament may hold back developments.

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