Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 258

Sarah Mason

31 May 2022

This week we explore how the commercial credit card market is experiencing growth again as business travel takes off, and why credit portfolio managers are still struggling to diversify despite technology adoption. Meanwhile, banks need to adopt on-trend technologies to innovate, but should they be so quick to close in-person branches? And what design solutions can help wealth managers personalise wealth experiences to target underserved female investors.

Mercator Advisory Group: Reviving the commercial credit card sector
The commercial credit card market is experiencing growth again after the pause of business travel significantly impacted usage. As we emerge from the pandemic issuers should look at promoting alternative use cases to further drive adoption.

Coalition Greenwich: Credit markets in need of technology evolution
Credit portfolio managers are expected to continue diversifying against a backdrop of rising inflation, interest rates and economic uncertainty. But despite supporting technological improvements in recent years, they are still struggling to tap into new markets.

Gartner: Transforming digital finance with outsourced AI
With finance outsourcing for AI process technologies expected to rise from 6% to 40% in 2024, contracting AI-enabled solutions from business process outsourcing providers must be a focus for CFOs.

Celent: Five technology trends to help banks accelerate innovation
To stay ahead of the competition, banks need to align technology adoption with current innovation trends – from data analytics to banking-as-a-service and modernising legacy system architecture.

Aite-Novarica: The fight against bots
Bot detection and management are becoming more vital as criminal operators find ways to stay ahead of financial institutions. Leaders must implement processes to safeguard against attacks.

IDC: More modern bank branches demanded by customers
The move to digital banking has led financial institutions to close many of their in-person branches. But should banks be concentrating on modernising their branches rather than shutting their doors?

Forrester: Design solutions to attract female investors
Male investors far outnumber female investors. This report focuses on the key preferences and behaviours of female investors and the ways in which wealth management firms can best target them.

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