Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 260

Sarah Mason

01 July 2022

This week we explore how fintechs are offering services to under-18s in India, while UK regulators close a crypto loophole used for money laundering and technology drives disruption in the local mortgage market. Point-of-sale and BNPL options challenge credit card dominance in the US and we take a look at the top fintechs shaking up commercial banking. 

Forrester: Emerging opportunity for Indian youth banking 
Banks primarily target adults with their digital services, considering the under-18 market unlucrative. Fintechs are filling this void and have started offering services such as savings and payments to the younger generation via mobile apps.  

Celent: Innovating to address key challenges in UK mortgage market 
Supporting new customer acquisition, operational efficiency, and cost management in the UK mortgage market requires technology innovation and investment.  

JWG: UK closes crypto registration loophole 
The UK government is aiming to close a loophole in its Money Laundering Regulations, so that crypto asset firms must now notify the FCA before an acquisition concludes, not after.  

Mercator: Fintechs contribute to the digitisation of B2B payments  
Fintech companies have been playing a crucial role in transforming B2B payments with their innovative value propositions that bring substantial benefits to both SMEs and corporates.  

Gartner: Digital transformation roadmap  
Finance leaders must take steps to set a clear digital transformation vision. Finance is being disrupted and the way work is done is changing with technology innovation and the acceleration of digital spending.  

McKinsey: Credit cards under threat by new lending models in the US 
Credit cards have been the preferred payments option for many in the US for decades; however, the growth of point-of-sale (POS) and buy now, pay later (BNPL) options poses a threat to issuers. 

Aite-Novarica: Top commercial banking fintechs to watch in Q2 
To stay up to date on the growing competition within the fintech market, commercial banks must keep emerging technology trends and disruptors top of mind. This report profiles five vendors that are either partnering or competing with banks across various product categories and services.  

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