Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 265

Sarah Mason

03 August 2022

In this week’s newsletter, we explore India’s mobile banking problems, how frictionless payments have been key to challenger banks success, as well as the move to next-generation core banking systems. Meanwhile, personalisation gives direct-indexing platforms a competitive edge and insurers are held back by legacy systems. Lastly, AI and new software solutions help financial institutions to better fight financial crime. 

McKinsey & Co: Effectively moving to a next-gen core banking system  
Many traditional banks operate on legacy systems and are looking to migrate to new core banking systems. With migrations being expensive and uncertain, banks should take a two-track approach incorporating a gradual hollowing out of their existing cores whiles testing next-gen offerings on slices of their product portfolio.  

Mercator Advisory Group: Analysing the benefits of frictionless payments 
Challenger banks have experienced significant growth in popularity in recent years. Frictionless payments are a key part of this – addressing customers’ need for speed, efficiency and a better user experience.  

Forrester: Banks in India try to prevent mobile banking mishaps  
Use of mobile banking apps in India is growing fast. Yet there are many improvements and challenges customer and user experience professionals in banks must face to prevent common UX mistakes.  

Javelin: Personalisation key focus in direct indexing 
Understanding investor needs is critical for direct-indexing platforms to deliver a compelling client experience. This enables asset managers and technology vendors to use direct indexing to improve their competitive positioning.  

Aite-Novarica: The practicalities of complete cloud migration for insurers 
Cloud capabilities are already a necessity for organisations across many industries. Yet, ensures lag woefully behind, with legacy systems holding back their complete cloud transition.  

IDC Insights: Using AI for financial crime management 
Financial Institutions expect solutions to mitigate threats but also act with fairness, robustness, explainability, resiliency and governance. This report assesses the capabilities and strategies of enterprise financial crime management software solutions.  

Cutter: Ways in which service providers solve key issues for investment firms 
This report offers insight into the key issues and challenges that investment firms may encounter, and the areas in which software and service providers might help. 

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