Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 266

Sarah Mason

09 August 2022

In this week’s newsletter, we explore new strategies for fending off fraudulent bots, how financial institutions are lagging behind in their cloud migration journeys and why it is also key for the future of payments. Meanwhile, Revolut pushes ahead with its expansion in APAC and we take a look at key features for mobile banking apps. On the wealth management front, investor portals need to be functional for both self-directed and advised investors, while financial planning becomes a fundamental part of the value proposition.

Aite-Novarica: Creating unwelcome environments for malicious bots
As the prevalence of fraudulent bots continues to grow, today’s bot strategies look to make organisations an uneconomical target rather than preventing malicious bots from the start.

McKinsey & Company: Financial institutions missing out on cloud value
Cloud migration is gathering momentum, yet very few financial institutions have adopted a full migration strategy, potentially missing out on the significant value of a joined-up approach.

Celent: Cloud is the answer for payments industry
The pandemic has shown that cloud adoption is the right move for financial institutions. It’s now important to find the right partner. Those who don’t will be left behind.

Kapronasia: Revolut’s APAC expansion
Despite a looming fintech crash, Revolut is going full speed ahead with its growth strategy across APAC markets, including Singapore, Australia and India. How effective will its approach be in the region?

Forrester: Key features for mobile banking apps
As banks continue to prioritise digital initiatives, mobile banking capabilities will remain a core focus. Forrester reveals seven must-have mobile banking features, including digital wallet integration, customer-facing data management and subscription management.

Javelin: How investor portals can be functional for all
With the difference between self-directed and advised investors shrinking, wealth managers must rethink the functionality and UX offered by their investor portals.

Cutter Associates: Financial planning is becoming a core proposition
Financial planning is now seen as a core part of the new wealth management value proposition. Investors expect a more holistic approach to their wealth management including retirement planning and estate planning.

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