Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 306

Sarah Mason

13 December 2023

In the final newsletter of 2023, payments technology dominates as we learn of the importance of cloud services in enabling banks to transform payment processing. We also discover the growing desire for real-time payment options for US and European businesses. Next we consider how current levels of investment may cause commercial banks to fall short of their digital ambitions, the vendor landscape for capital markets reconciliation solutions and the standout regtech solutions of 2023.   

IDC: How global banks are harnessing cloud services for payment processing
This IDC survey reveals insights from 100 global banks on their use of cloud services for payment processing. The findings indicate growing trust and adoption of cloud platforms for this purpose, with variations based on geography and bank size. 

Datos Insights: US and European businesses demand instant payment technology 
Increasingly, US and European midsize to large businesses are prioritising instant payments, yet not all financial institutions are able to offer this technology. FIs are addressing this by partnering with vendors to accelerate modernisation, emphasising client education on potential use cases. 

Gartner: Commercial banks’ technology spending fails to align with digital ambitions   
With the majority of commercial banking firms allocating less than 25% of their IT budgets to transformative sources of competitive advantage, such as cloud technology, many will fall short of their transformation goals. 

Celent: The evolution of reconciliation solutions in capital markets 
The vendor market for reconciliation solutions in capital markets is crowded and competitive. This report analyses 17 vendors with different backgrounds, levels of maturity, value propositions, technology sophistication, target markets, and price points.  

Chartis: The standout regtech solutions of 2023 
With the regulatory reporting landscape undergoing another major change following the recent banking crisis, financial institutions are increasingly willing to invest in market-leading technologies to ensure compliance. 

Celent: The essential rise of parametric insurance   
Parametric insurance is set to revolutionise the insurance industry by using objective, measurable data to trigger rapid payout, unlike traditional insurance, which requires a claims adjuster to assess the damage to determine the payout.  

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