Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 308

Sarah Mason

10 January 2024

In our first newsletter of 2024, we begin by taking a look at the opportunities for advancing payments strategies in APAC, as well as the role middleware has to play in boosting payments services for mid-sized financial institutions. Next, we discover the increasing value of data-driven personalisation and empathy for improving customer experience, particularly for smaller businesses. Finally, we look at key trends for 2024, from those shaping the asset management industry to the role AI will play in combatting financial crime and transforming treasury services.

IDC: Payments strategies and implications for APAC
Following the excitement of the first cross-border real-time payment initiative implemented at scale in the world, this report identifies how financial institutions can better understand and identify opportunities in the region.

Javelin: Middleware solutions enhancing collaboration across payments ecosystem
As small and medium-sized financial institutions continue to struggle to innovate with existing systems, middleware that can wrap around core services offers a faster route to offering customers new features and better experiences.

Kapronasia: Elevating customer experiences in a competitive environment
Banks are under pressure to innovate while providing highly personalised and seamless banking experiences, especially as digital-native fintechs push the envelope even further.

Javelin: Making small-business digital banking human again
Small businesses increasingly seek banking partners that have a deep understanding of their particular needs. Delivering solutions that resonate on a personal level requires data-driven insights and a focus on empathy.

Coalition Greenwich: Navigating transformative trends in asset management
The evolving institutional investment landscape underscores the need for asset manager agility. Transformative trends like rising interest rates, increased volatility, technology innovation, and higher client expectations are reshaping the landscape.

Datos Insights: Will GenAI be the answer to combatting financial crime?
Experts are predicting that GenAI will be the common thread in tackling fraud, money laundering and cybercrime in 2024. CISOs will also seek multipurpose identity platforms for additional security.

Celent: How AI will transform treasury services in 2024
As we enter the new year, the potential for transformative changes in treasury services is significant, driven by advancements in generative AI. Opportunities for transformation include rethinking engagement models, channels, interfaces, and intelligence.

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