Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 309

Sarah Mason

24 January 2024

In this week’s newsletter, we explore the use cases for GenAI in risk management, insurance in APAC, and the wider financial services landscape. We then discover how instant payments and digital banking have improved CX and supported financial well-being. Embedded finance opportunities in Singapore are also considered and we examine whether Electronic Money Institutions are friends or foes to banks.  

Chartis: The real use cases for generative AI in risk management  
Amid concerns about hype surrounding GenAI in risk management, clarity is needed on the practical applications of the technology, which must consider its advantages and drawbacks.  

IDC: Perspectives, opportunities and use cases for GenAI in insurance 
This IDC Perspective explores GenAI's potential for insurers in APAC, offering insights into the industry's current state and the benefits it brings through applications and use cases. 

Datos Insights: GenAI integration and the future of banking  
The fate of GenAI in banking lies in the ordinary, not the revolutionary. Datos Insights decodes the influence that the integration of GenAI capabilities will have on the banking industry in the years ahead.  

Javelin: Instant payment advancements transform global landscape  
This report highlights the global surge in instant payment adoption since it was first introduced in 1973. The rapid advancement of technology has satisfied the growing demand for instant payments and improved CX.  

Gartner: How digital banking CX can support financial well-being 
As customers increasingly rely on digital channels for various financial needs, especially during significant life events, industry leaders should shift strategies from episodic transaction support to helping customers achieve broader life goals. 

Kapronasia: Embedded finance opportunities in Singapore 
Singapore’s robust fintech ecosystem and regulatory framework has placed the region at the forefront of the embedded finance revolution. The entire value chain is expected to grow to $606 billion by 2025.  

Celent: Are banks and Electronic Money Institutions friends or foes? 
Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) have been vital for European fintech growth but now face increased regulatory scrutiny. Banks eyeing embedded finance opportunities must decide whether to view EMIs as competitors, collaborators or both.  

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