Study suggests developers are from Mars, marketers are from Venus

The proliferation of Apps and APIs mean developer communities are now important to businesses in banking, retail and automotive. In fact, its hard to think of a sector where new technology and channels, haven't made developers strategically important to future business success.

This means marketers in many sectors are now having to consider how their business engages and communicates with developer audiences. For anyone new to the area, that's a steep learning curve.

Developers can be your best, most committed, most loyal advocates. Or they can be your toughest audience. There's a fine line between getting it right and getting it wrong.

Having twenty years of experience in communicating and serving developer audiences for software businesses and other tech firms, we distilled some of this experience into our Developer Study 2015.

The study looks at some of the issues around building successful developer relations programs.

We asked 100 developers, what they did, or didn't, like to find in the programs that served them. To a traditional marketer the results will be slightly scary: developers don't like marketing, at least certainly not as you know it.

Download a copy of the report here. And get in touch if correctly engaging developer audiences is important to your business.