Supporting the 2015 Imagine Cup

18 March 2015

We’re enormously proud to have been invited by our client Microsoft to support this year’sImagine Cup, the global student technology competition that Microsoft has been running annually for 13 years. As a company which develops technology, the theme of the Imagine Cup is close to our hearts: “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems”.

National Imagine Cup competitions are held across the globe, with winners from these finding their way to Microsoft HQ in Seattle to participate in the global final. And the winners of the global prizes (of which there are three: Games, Innovation and World Citizenship) take home a whopping $50,000, which could easily kick-start a new business.

I’m chuffed to have been asked to be a judge in the UK national competition taking place in London on the 31st March. The presentations and judging form part of what sounds like an inspirational day’s event – Imagine: Make it Happen – which can be attended by students and start-ups free of charge.

Not only that, but Metia is also sponsoring the UK award for Social Media Creativity, another subject right at the centre of what we do. The winners of that category will be hosted by us at our office for a few days’ consultancy in technology marketing and the business of development.

We’re delighted to be supporting the next generation of technology developers. For one, it’s great for us to get an insight into what makes them tick to add to our existing knowledge (which is neatly summed up in our new report…) but also because as a company involved in development, we’ll need a few stars for our future expansion.

All in all, exciting stuff.