The six topics every B2B CMO needs to track in 2020

13 January 2020

Today we launch our B2B marketing trends report for 2020: six trends providing senior B2B marketers with strategic guidance for the year ahead.

Against a challenging backdrop of economic uncertainty and falling marketing budgets, CMOs will still be expected to deliver profit for their businesses this year – ensuring effectiveness through proven strategies, while assessing how to deploy new trends and technologies to spark growth.

Our report outlines six key topics for CMOs to be aware of in 2020, including insight on:

  • How B2B marketers are de-risking their paid media investments in the face of growing ad fraud.

  • The need to maintain focus when building a martech strategy, in a market overwhelmed with options.

  • How short-term thinking in marketing is limiting long-term growth and profit.

  • Why TV and other traditional channels offers routes for B2B marketers to differentiate their brands.

  • The rise of B2B influencer marketing – but on a micro, not macro, level.

  • Why iteration, not transformation, is often best when it comes to improving the customer experience.

If any of these issues strike a chord with your business, please get in touch. We have a host of case studies that illustrate these points, and would love to talk you through them.