The Trinity Challenge is open for applications for its £10 million prize fund

Steve Ellis

03 March 2021

The Trinity Challenge is now open for applications from around the world for its inaugural challenge round. Data scientists, developers, researchers and public health professionals need to submit ideas by April 15, to be in with a chance of winning awards from a prize fund of up to £10 million.

The Trinity Challenge is a new global public health challenge which aims to surface the best ideas and solutions for better pandemic preparedness using data, analytics, and digital tools.

The 20+ founder members include University of Cambridge, Imperial College and Northeastern University, to Facebook, Google and Tencent, to Legal & General and SwissRe. Metia Group is the global Digital Partner of the Challenge.

You can learn more about The Trinity Challenge here

Better still you can enter your Challenge idea here

Back in September we announced that Metia Group was partnering with the Challenge. Aside from the importance of its mission – which is to better protect the world from future pandemics – we were motivated to support the Challenge by the approach adopted.

The Challenge is collaborative, multi-disciplinary and data driven, drawing participants from diverse sectors, not just health and pharma but also social networks, data, cloud, insurance, financial services and media.

As a member of the Steering Committee, we’ve seen that collaboration happening in practice. Experts from around the world reaching out from their area of specialization to propose a new idea or approach, to help move an idea forward.

Quite aside from the funding opportunity, getting that kind of access to expertise and creative thinking from multiple disciplines and industries is unique.

Entries close April 15th. Best get onto it.