Metia Group founder to speak at leading wealth management conference

LONDON - Metia Group, a global marketing agency, has announced that founder, Steve Ellis, will speak at the InvestCloud User Conference to be held in Las Vegas, February 5-7 2018.

Steve will participate in a keynote session with InvestCloud founder John Wise and representatives of leading wealth management firms and management consultants. The focus of the panel is upon the revolution in digital channel engagement that is transforming traditional wealth management practices.

In addition to drawing upon Metia's expertise in designing, building and sustaining outstanding customer experiences for the world's leading digital businesses, Steve will share insights and anecdotes from new research into wealth audiences, and the themes and topics that matter most to them.

Los Angeles headquartered InvestCloud, is the world's leading digital wealth management platform, with some $1.7 trillion assets currently managed by its 670 clients. InvestCloud's annual user conference is attended by its customers, partners and other leading participants in the global wealth management industry.

The agenda for the conference is carefully constructed to inform delegates, educate them about the latest innovations, and to encourage discussion and debate about how to best adopt and apply new technologies.

Steve explains, "It is great to be invited to share our experiences and knowledge with this audience. Metia has worked with many leading corporations that are effectively, digital native businesses. As other corporates and brands look to embrace digital transformation, they can learn from these experiences."

"We also commissioned the Metia Insights team to use our unique Content Resonance System to understand the conversations that matter to different wealth segments, This research will help wealth managers better tune into the narratives and emotional priorities that matter to their customers."

Metia's research into the narratives that matter most to wealth audiences - and how to join those conversations - will be shared exclusively with delegates attending the InvestCloud User Conference. If you would like to learn more, contact Metia Group