Money Mindstates data store launched by Metia Group to offer insight into people’s evolving relationship with money  

21st June, Seattle 2023Following the successful launch of the B2B Directions data store in May, Metia Group has launched a second data store - Money Mindstates – designed to help marketers in banks, fintechs and wealth management businesses.

Money Mindstates gathers data about the motivations, behaviours and emotions of individuals involved in managing day-to-day personal finances, wealth generation, and wealth management on the road to financial freedom.  

The ready to interrogate, always-on data store has over 90 million digital conversations exploring people’s relationship with money, banks and fintechs dating back to 2018.  

Metia’s analysts and data scientists can now quickly build a picture of the impact of macro and micro economic events, financial industry news or market movements on consumers’ relationship with their money.  

The big themes explored in the data store, include: defining and profiling multiple money mindstates ranging from firefighting and freewheeling to prioritizing and liberated.  Money Mindstates helps organizations to understand the triggers, deliberate actions, and life events that move people from one money mindstate to the next; and provides unique insight into the evolving language of money.  

“Data is critical in every project we do for our fintech and financial services clients,” explained Liz High, Financial Services Practice Lead, Metia Group. 

“While everyone recognizes that good strategy needs to be data driven, the time and investment required to conduct client specific research can put data rigor out of reach for many fintech and financial services providers.” 

“Money Mindsets changes that. We can now provide immediate access to credible, cost-effective insight to get closer to your target audience, ensure customer experience aligns with customers’ priorities, and tell stories that convert through emotional, thematic, topical and linguistic resonance.”  

Steve Ellis, Founder and Chairman, Metia Group, commented: “As we continue to seek out new ways to help our clients stay at the forefront of their industries, we are now offering our financial services clients an unrivalled, always on opportunity to better understand the emotive, evolving relationship that exists between their customers and money.” 


About Metia  

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