Capturing authentic
customer stories
on video during lockdown

One of the biggest challenges faced by content producers during lockdown is creating new video. Right now, capturing a customer’s story through video is hard. Dell Technologies has been working through this challenge to show how its technology has enabled communities to work together during difficult times.

The logistical barriers caused by social distancing measures mean sending a crew on location is impossible; that the proximity needed to shoot is out of the question; and with governments suggesting social distancing measures may continue for the remainder of 2020, this problem is set to continue.

Telling rich multi-dimensional narrative stories

Dell Technologies often uses video to enable customers to tell their stories. Metia has been working with the Dell Technologies team to capture these stories for many years. Pre-social distancing, that meant taking planes and trains to get close to customers on-site.

With many examples of businesses around the world using Dell Technologies to work around their individual lockdown challenges, the team needed to find a new way to capture video that could then be edited to support rich narrative storytelling.

Avoiding dodgy audio, poor lighting and shaky footage

The notion of ‘just using Zoom’ wasn’t an option. The technical capabilities of video conferencing mean telling a multi-dimensional, multi-character, narrative story is difficult. You often find yourself dealing with common ‘home’ video issues from dodgy audio, to poor lighting and shaky footage.

As a longstanding client, the Metia team approached Dell Technologies with a new virtual video offering which would allow the creation of high-quality video content which would allow them to continue telling their customer stories.

Holding virtual video shoots

Metia virtually filmed the directors, teachers, students and their parents at the American School of Milan for the Dell Technologies Education team. The story tells the amazing way the school is innovating, using technology to provide education to students and to keep its strong community together during this difficult time.

All filming was conducted remotely using methods and systems developed by the Metia team. The result is an inspiring story, beautifully captured without anyone ever leaving their home.

The Metia approach provided a workaround that resulted in a high-quality customer advocacy film, telling an uplifting story of human spirit and a willingness to embrace new technology to overcome lockdown.


The great professionalism of Metia’s team and their virtual video offering enabled us to bring this amazing story to life – capturing the way the teachers and students are using technology to overcome the current challenge – without anyone having to leave their home.

Chiara Pessatori
EMEA Education Marketing Manager, Dell Technologies