Creating a
web platform
to drive
lead capture

Xceptor is driving the revolution in the intelligent use of data by the world’s leading banks and financial institutions. Whether for advanced AI or simple process improvement, banks around the world are seeking out Xceptor’s solutions.

With banks searching for guidance to best harness their data assets, Xceptor needed a crisp and compelling proposition, that was clearly told and easily accessible through a new web platform. The platform could then become the engine for all of Xceptor’s sales and marketing activity.

Using thought leadership content to drive demand

Metia designed and developed, a new web site that clearly articulates the Xceptor difference. By telling their story through engaging and informative thought leadership content, Xceptor speaks directly to senior decision makers in banks, while also building search authority around key phrases.

The site connects visitors into the sales process, either immediately through chat-based dialogue, online demo, or subsequently through HubSpot integration and ongoing nurture activities driven by the Xceptor marketing team.

Additionally, the site provides a launchpad for outbound lead generation through content marketing. Campaign pages are created in HubSpot and use Metia’s unique demand techniques to outperform the market. Xceptor’s first campaign using the platform set a new benchmark, delivering a 12.1% conversion rate and an unprecedented number of sales qualified leads.

The highly targeted demand programmes we are running with Metia have transformed the volume and quality of the opportunities being managed by our sales teams.

Sally Yates
Chief Marketing Officer, Xceptor