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3Radical changed the way it provides its Voco solution, a game changing customer engagement platform. The new approach focuses upon ready-to-go industry solutions tuned for the different challenges faced by brands.

Increasing customer engagement

3radical needed to communicate the benefits to clients and prospects among major brands worldwide.

Using the powerful Voco platform and its built-in best practices, brands can capture and keep the attention of consumers and employees. This is achieved by inviting them into rewarding experiences, that combine fun mechanics with incentives to elicit initial engagement and motivate ongoing and valuable two-way conversations.

Engine for lead generation

3Radical’s new web platform expresses this innovative approach using the bold and simple visual language of the modern consumer. The site also answers the more detailed questions of technical and business decision makers considering the selection and purchase of Voco.

The web platform integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud for marketing automation and sales integration.

In addition to designing and building the new platform, Metia helped frame 3Radical’s proposition for the different types of businesses and audiences which will benefit from using Voco.

Metia helped us capture the new proposition for Voco and express it through a web platform that will help us generate new opportunities and deliver sales growth.

David Eldridge
Chief Executive Officer, 3Radical