Powerful modern
brand differentiates
health app business 

Refreshed brand accelerates corporate exit for innovative healthcare app developer.

Expressing the vision of a new health tech startup

Formed from a management buyout, Aura Healthcare needed to establish a strong visual brand that positioned it amongst a new generation of healthcare technology vendors.

Aura Healthcare’s innovative approach to creating solutions for health professionals is a reaction against incumbent software systems.

A new generation of apps aim to liberate health professionals through the use of lightweight, primarily mobile, apps focused upon completing discrete tasks or processes, quickly and easily.

At the leading edge of this trend, Aura Healthcare needed to signal the nature of the business, its vision and core values, through its brand.

Applying the brand across all marketing channels

At a practical level the brand needed to be applied across the full range of marketing collateral and activities - including both online channels and offline activity. Importantly, the brand also needed to be applied consistently through the user experience of each application.

The Metia creative team designed a new corporate logotype and graphic elements, typography, colour palette, iconography and image library. The brand components were optimised for a digital native business. The underlying assumption was that everything needed to digital by default, and mobile first.

Shortly after launching its new and disruptive business model, and going to market with a series of next generation healthcare apps, Aura Healthcare has been acquired by a large healthcare solution provider.