Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 238

Sarah Mason

22 December 2021

In our final newsletter of 2021, the need to streamline payment flows is front of mind as the accelerated shift to digital continues apace. Meanwhile, India is making noise as a key fintech hub, churning out a record number of fintech unicorns this year while also introducing a new bill providing a facilitative framework for the digital rupee. We also look at some of the key predictions and trends that will dominate the fintech space as we enter 2022.

Javelin: Payment hubs go modular
Payment hubs aimed to centralise and simplify payment flows. Today, a more modular approach enables greater interconnectivity between vendors and merchants. This has enabled more personalised customer experiences but also led to more industry fragmentation.

Aite Novarica: Need for speed in payments
Innovations in real-time payments, including push-to-card and RTP, are significant. However, there is a need for real-time access to data and automation of processes, such as payment routing, payment reconciliation, and payment integration.

Kapronasia: India churns out fintech unicorns
India is quickly becoming a fintech unicorn factory, producing eight new fintechs worth over one billion dollars in the year to November. Has India’s fintech funding frenzy peaked?

IDC: What value do AI and ML have in FS?
As we approach 2022, IDC is taking a deep dive into how artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are used and the value they create in banking, insurance and capital markets, along with 28 other industries.

Gartner: 2022 strategic technology trends
Looking ahead to 2022, Gartner predicts 12 technology front runners to watch out for. Data fabric, cybersecurity mesh, and privacy-enhancing computation are among the top trends.

Javelin: Digital banking trends in 2022
Building engaging and long-term customer relationships in 2022 will hinge on mastering three key areas: reshaping primary banking relationships, more rapidly advancing mobile banking and strengthening financial fitness.

Kapronasia: India explores the use of crypto
India’s new crypto bill introduced to Parliament on 29th November looks to create a framework for launching the digital rupee but bans private decentralised digital currencies.

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