Metia participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project

Andrew Martin

09 December 2021

Sustainability should be more than a buzzword. Sustainability, accountability and transparency are key values across Metia, and we are using that philosophy when we think about our global footprint.

We’ve adhered to sensible policies in the past regarding energy consumption, recycling, and proper equipment disposal. Today’s heightened concerns mean we need to look closely at all our activities, reconsider our policies, and explore new approaches. And because we love a challenge, we’re also setting goals for 2022, including transparency in our public responses.

This year, Metia joined over 13,000 companies in disclosing business environmental data through the not-for-profit Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Metia’s commitment to self-disclosure is the essential first step to driving environmental action, and CDP is the gold standard for corporate environmental reporting. Our commitment to sustainability means reporting on our combined global data across our U.K, U.S., and Singapore offices. More about CDP’s importance:

The work of CDP is crucial to the success of global business in the 21st century... helping persuade companies throughout the world to measure, manage, disclose, and ultimately reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. No other organization is gathering this type of corporate climate change data and providing it to the marketplace.

Ban Ki-moon
Former Secretary-General, United Nations

But we’re not done yet! The detailed disclosure process was only the first step in our multiyear plan for evolving Metia’s best practices. We are leveraging the CDP scoring methodologies to progress toward environmental stewardship through benchmarking and comparison with peers and clients in order to continuously improve our climate governance. We will continue to work from home as we transition into 2022, navigating what life could look like for Metia’s “new normal.” We are paying extra close attention to building, travel, and commute impact more than ever, and we are very excited to see how our finance department performs now that we are 100% paperless.

Yes, these are challenging goals and by taking our motivation and interest in protecting the planet, we now have opportunities to inform a data-driven strategy. For Metia, the journey has just begun!