Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 239

Sarah Mason

12 January 2022

In the first newsletter of 2022, we kick off with key trends for the year ahead across a number of industries. Technology adoption will be a key focus across markets, payments, retail banking and investment, as firms react to a more dynamic post-pandemic environment. We also take a look at the ramping up of digitalisation in South East Asia and what the recent crypto exodus means for Hong Kong.

Coalition Greenwich: 2022 market structure trends to follow

In this report, Coalition Greenwich advises on market structure and technology highlighting ten global trends to watch out for in 2022. These include more mergers and acquisitions, market transparency, process automation and an upgraded workforce.

Cutter Associates: Outsourcing to be key for investment firms

In 2022, investment firms will look to outsourcing solutions to keep up with technology trends and competitors. While identifying relevant benefits and risks, Cutter lists the leading providers and main considerations for outsourcing.

Kapronasia: Hong Kong’s crypto companies look elsewhere 

Crypto and blockchain companies in Hong Kong have shifted operations to other jurisdictions amid regulatory uncertainty and Covid limits on travel. But it’s not all bad news for the international fintech hub.  

Mercator: The journey to Payments-as-a-Service 
This report tracks the evolution of the prepaid card industry up the value chain and looks at how technology has helped vendors evolve to offer Payments-as-a-Service.  

Omdia: Priorities for retail banks in 2022 
With insights gained from primary interviews with retail banks, this report explores the business and technology trends that will help to shape IT priorities and strategies around the globe in the coming year.  

Aite Novarica: Retail banking and payments trends in 2022 

This report predicts that a post-pandemic, fast-changing market environment will spell major changes for the retail banking and payments industries. Key trends will include buy now, pay later (BNPL) going mainstream, and growth in cryptocurrency as a payment type.     

Kapronasia: South East Asia banks ramp up digitalisation 

Traditionally lagging behind in digital innovation, banks in the region are ramping up their efforts to cater to their tech-savvy populations, and to respond to increased competition in payments prompted by the transition to real-time domestic payments across most jursidictions.  

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