New Year new Metia B2B Trends Report 2022

Steve Ellis

17 January 2022

The predictions business is a tough gig. After the experiences of recent years only the brave or foolhardy can confidently predict next week, never mind next year. Trends on the other hand...

Trends are a little softer around the edges. Trends we can see emerging on the horizon and growing in significance. Trends we can monitor, consider and respond to as they become a priority.

This might be why our annual B2B Trends Report is always the most popular read of the year with our customers and contacts. Or it might just be because of all the useful and actionable information inside. Either way, New Year, new Metia B2B Trends Report.

In this years report we explain how marketers need to:

  • Find and communicate your purpose to make deeper connections with customers
  • Adapt your marketing campaigns in response to new working habits and changing behaviors
  • Go beyond good intentions and execute a DEI program that delivers cultural change in your organization
  • Prepare for a cookie-less future by choosing the right technologies, tools and content strategy

Download a copy of the report here.

I hope you find it useful when planning priorities and initiatives for the year ahead. And if you want to discuss, agree or disagree – get in touch.