Fintech Analyst Report - Issue 281

Sarah Mason

11 January 2023

In our first newsletter of the year we explore the rise of embedded finance while also examining how market volatility is driving cautionary trends across the board. This includes CIOs mastering new rules for digital businesses, financial institutions being more selective about the platforms they partner with and banks exploring flexible payments. Meanwhile, ChatGPT launched with much media buzz, but what are the use cases for the banking industry?

IDC: How embedded finance is driving infrastructure modernisation
Embedded finance is driving infrastructure transformation as a pivotal step in the process of financial services becoming an open environment. In this new world, industries will come together to provide value to customers.

Gartner: Industry volatility signals change for financial institution CIOs
Financial services CIOs are now required to master a new set of rules for digital business and innovation to combat continuing volatility in the industry. Gartner advises on how to innovate and reimagine business and operating models.

Forrester: Importance of being selective in platforms and partners
In an uncertain market, tech teams must understand the unique needs of their industry by selecting and scaling their platforms and partners strategically to accelerate business results and become adaptive and resilient.

IDC: Banks focus on flexible payments amid economic uncertainty
Economic change, inflation and increasing interest rates have caused consumers to adjust their purchasing behaviour. Now, banks are focusing on flexible payment product development platforms to hep issuers become more resilient and retain customers.

Mercator Advisory Group: Digital payments opening up new customers for SMEs
Digitalisation is changing the way small businesses accept and process payments. New technologies and embedded lending have enabled in-store, online, and omnichannel merchants’ access to new customer segments while providing seamless payments experiences.

Cutter Associates: Top client reporting challenges for asset managers
With poor customisation, lack of automation and data quality hindering effective client reporting, asset managers must assess the available solutions for improving core reporting functionality.

Celent: What ChatGPT could mean for banking
OpenAI’s ChatGPT represents a huge leap forward when it comes to scale for machine learning. Use cases for large language models (LLM) in banking are numerous and will likely be driven by interest from younger employees and AI tech vendors.

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