Metia:Reload - a review of the week in marketing

Asavin Wattanajantra

15 November 2013

Some of the major news stories you may have missed in marketing this week.

1. Snapchat rejects $3 billion Facebook bid The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook made a stunning $3 billion bid for internet startup Snapchat. This came after The Guardian published an interesting story on teens and how they have fallen out of love with Facebook, focusing their energy on messaging apps.

2. Twitter targets small businesses and mobile Small businesses in the UK can now make use of Twitter's self-serve advertising services. This means that they can now make use of promoted tweets and increase the reach of their content. It's another step in Twitter's growth, coming soon after its flotation in the stock market.

3. Ryanair has a website makeover Big changes for Ryanair as the airline company looks to redefine its mixed relationship with passengers. Alongside it's new positive new image on social media it has now revealed a revamp of its website. Earlier in the year we blogged and tried to understand the bad UX of its old site.

4. John Lews unveils Christmas ad John Lewis fired a salvo in the shopping Christmas wars with a big budget animated advertisement. Sainsbury's came out with a different take - using clips from real home videos filmed by Last King of Scotland director Kevin Macdonald.

5. Motorola launches 'budget' Moto G smartphone >Motorola causes waves in the tech world with a full-featured 'budget' Android smartphone priced at £135 - a 'low price with premium specifications'. It's a comeback of sorts for Motorola, with its acquisition by Google now having an effect on what it can do for the Android market.