Metia Group executive selected to speak at the American Marketing Association's MarketMix

SEATTLE – Metia Group, a global marketing agency, announced that Misia Tramp, Vice President, Customer Experience Strategy and Insight, has been selected to be a featured speaker for the American Marketing Association (AMA) Market Mix conference to be held in Bellevue, WA, May 8, 2019.

MarketMix is an annual conference for the AMA that is celebrating its 14th Annual event in Puget Sound with the theme “Evolution of Brand”.

Misia’s presentation – The transformation of the customer journey from ‘selling things’ to ‘creating experiences’ – will explain the power shift in the customer journey and the different approaches needed by brands to understand and deliver against their customers’ new needs.

Misia, who has been in the business of understanding human behavior for more than 20 years, will explain how to incorporate linguistic and visual datasets into the journey mapping process and methods to deliver a fair exchange of value at each touchpoint along the way.

“Data derived insights are helping inform better brand strategies,” Misia explains. “I’m looking forward to an engaging discussion on how we apply data science research techniques to drive desired business outcomes, and how it significantly improves the effectiveness of our client programs.”

Registration for the event is open now.

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